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The Craft Companion, Ramona and Barry Jobson: Thames & Hudson $65.00

Once the domain of the domestic, craft has now infiltrated every creative sphere – including food, fashion, fine art and architecture.

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Good Money, JM Green: Scribe Publications $29.99

Introducing Stella Hardy, a wise-cracking social worker with a thirst for social justice, good laksa, and alcohol. Set in the bustling, multicultural inner-west of Melbourne, Good Money reveals a daring and exciting new voice in Australian crime fiction.

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5 Outdoorsy Books

Join Don Watson to celebrate his new book
Watson's Worst Words

Wednesday 11 November at 7.30pm

Don Watson - with his trademark wit and wisdom - says enough already! The English language is complex and evolving, and can win minds, hearts and nations. Why don't we try using it?

What is ‘cluster deployment', and how can you be sure to ‘engage multiple stakeholders through your strategic delivery channel'? What's the difference between ‘backcasting' and ‘backfilling' and could it ever matter?

The language of business and work grows ever more depleted, barren and senseless. Politicians hide in thickets of endless repeated messages, platitudes and clichés, or behind such shameless Newspeak as ‘operational matters'. The thing is viral: leaping from corporate windows of opportunity, it has taken hold in universities and schools, the public service, hospitals, local councils, fire brigades, the weather bureau. (What is the difference between rain and a rain event?)

Don Watson returns to the follies he described in Death Sentence and Weasel Words. With his trademark management-jargon mockery, he will make you cringe and laugh and possibly die of shame. But above all he will ask you to resist: to fight in the fields and in the streets – and in the offices and on the internet - and never surrender.

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November Bookclub: Ghost River

Wednesday 25 November at 8.00pm

Join us for bookclub with the author, Tony Birch. This month we are reading Ghost River.

'You find yourself down at the bottom of the river, for some it's time to give into her. But other times, young fellas like you two, you got to fight your way back. Show the river you got courage and is ready to live.'

The river is a place of history and secrets. For Ren and Sonny, two unlikely friends, it's a place of freedom and adventure. For a group of storytelling vagrants, it's a refuge. And for the isolated daughter of a cult reverend, it's an escape. Each time they visit, another secret slips into its ancient waters. But change and trouble are coming – to the river and to the lives of those who love it. Who will have the courage to fight and survive and what will be the cost?

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